10 Smart Tips to Make Your Next Beach Vacation Perfect

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Love to sunbathe this summer and swing on a macrame chair? There’s nothing better than lounging on the beach, topping up the tan, and watching the world go by. Beach vacations are fantastic. They can be fun, exciting, and so relaxing, but you need to be prepared. Good organization prepares you for days ahead and preparation can prevent a vacation turning into a nightmare. When you’re prepared, you don’t have to worry about bad weather, the infamous sunburn, or the nasty bug bites. You are prepared for it all.

Plan and prepare – that’s the mark of a good vacation. You may have the perfect location but if you don’t pack the essentials, you’ll stress yourself out. Fortunately, remembering the essentials is easier than you think, although people always seem to forget the much-needed suntan lotion! From sunglasses to good UV protection, there are lots of little things that help keep you safe and have an enjoyable vacation. Why not follow these tips and make your beach vacation perfect?

Hammock Chair With Macrame
Hammock Chair With Macrame

1.      Know Which Beach Is Right For Your Vacation

Are you someone who loves busy, actives beaches or want a more secluded atmosphere? Would you prefer a private beach or blend in with the locals? Despite what you might think, every beach is different. Some are ideal for sitting with a good book and watching the wave’s crash to shore, while others are crowded with locals and tourists alike. It’s essential to understand what’s more suitable for this specific vacation. For instance, if you want to sleep in a hammock day and night, a secluded or private beach may be more suited. It may also allow you to avoid other tourists.

However, if you’re traveling with family or a group, you may prefer to be in the heart of the tourist attractions and a centralized beach would be best. It’s very important to research the type of vacation you want and the beach environment you’d prefer. If you’ve got a specific location in mind, you can research the local beaches and find one that’s suited to your vacation plans.

2.      Take A Comfortable Seat With You

You probably don’t think about lugging a beach lounger around with you – but – it’s actually a smart idea. Finding a comfortable seat on the beach isn’t as easy you think and sometimes, it’s better to use one of your own and think in a macrame hanging chair. You can opt for a folding garden chair, a sun lounger, recliner, or even an oversized beach towel. It can be whatever you like as long as you’re comfortable sitting or lying on it and it’ll be your base on the beach.

It’s essential to ensure the chair or towel is distinctive enough for you to find it. Let’s say you’ve gone for a swim and half an hour later you return will you be able to identify which towel is yours? For instance, there are a hundred identical blue and white striped towels on the beach; it’ll be quite difficult to pick yours out. However, if your towel was bright yellow with pink flamingos on it, it’d be more recognizable. That’s what you also have to consider whether you’re taking a beach towel or a seat – always use a towel to mark your area.

  • The Zero Gravity Hammock Shelter

You want to relax – that’s the point of a vacation – and a hammock shelter system might be the ideal choice for you. Some of these hammocks have built-in protection from the sun so that you’re kept cool in the shade. This is fantastic to prevent you from overheating on a hot day as you’re not sitting directly in the sunlight. It’s a great option to consider.

The Zero Gravity Hammock Shelter is fantastic and very user-friendly, it can be a great option to look at. It’s a great portable lounger and very spacious and with an ergonomic design. You’ll be able to easily take this to the beach – or anywhere you like – and are very comfortable.

3.      Always Stay Protected

When you hear the words, ‘stay safe’, or ‘protect yourself’, you immediately associate it with your personal security or safety. It’s absolutely crucial to prioritize your personal safety and security above all else, especially if you’re abroad or in a country you aren’t familiar with. However, it’s also important to protect yourself against the sun because zero protection could put your life at risk.

You have to stay safe while on the beach too.

  • Sunscreen

High-UV factor sunscreen is essential. Sunblock or sunscreen is there for your entire body and will help protect you against sunburn and harmful UV rays. If you’re not keen on using sunscreen on your face, you could get one that’s suitable for sensitive skin. You could also wear a sunhat if you don’t want to use sunscreen on your face and that may help to shield the majority of your face. If you can, sit out of the sun.

  • Reapply Sunscreen Throughout The Day

Using physical sunscreen is a necessity, especially with beach vacations. For the majority of the time, you’re sitting outside the shade and tanning away, but that’s really bad for your skin. It’s essential to apply sunscreen before you leave the hotel in the morning and reapply sunscreen every two hours or after you’ve been swimming. This will help keep the sunscreen topped and hopefully, protect your skin too.

  • Opt For Faux Tan

Fake or faux tan is far better for your skin than baking under the sun for hours at a time. There are lots of modern products that offer a natural-looking tan. What’s more, they’re easy to apply and are streak-free.

  • Shield Yourself from the Sun – Stay In the Shade And Wear The Right Clothing

The sun’s rays can be strong at any given time but usually, during the daytime, it’s at its peak. If you can, stick to the shade between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm. The shade will protect your skin so when you visit the beach. Wear a sunhat or have a pop-up beach umbrella at the ready, Broad-brimmed hats can protect your scalp and your hair color, if your have colored hair) and make a stylish fashion statement.

Also, UV-resistant clothing may help protect you against ultraviolet rays. There are plenty of UV-resistant clothing to consider and aren’t too expensive either.

  • Get Insect And Bug Bite Protection

Depending on what part of the world you’re visiting, you may require extra protection from bug or insect bites. Good repellent is required to protect you from such things because little ticks and mosquitoes can get under your skin and cause no end of trouble.

Learn how to avoid bug bites and stay safe. You may want to read up on diseases caused by bug bites including symptoms, prevention, treatments, and much more. If you do this, you can spot the signs early and take appropriate action.

  • Quality UV-Protective Sunglasses

Your eyes are affected by the sun and strong UV rays can impact their well-being. It’s essential to have appropriate protection, especially during the summer months. You must look for quality sunglasses that offer UVB or UVA protection. This will be important for eye protection and there are many sunglasses to choose from. If you can, look at the type of protection they offer before you buy.

  • Appropriate Footwear For The Beach

Beach-friendly shoes – or sandals – are essential for a hot day on the beach. While you hope the sand is beautiful and clean, you never know what’s hiding underneath it. Someone could’ve broken a glass bottle and the pieces are still there, hidden among the sand. It could cut your foot; even a broken seashell can do some damage. That’s why it’s essential to look at appropriate footwear for the beach. You want something comfortable and safe for the beach. Heels and boots aren’t always best. Cushioned shoes can offer great protection or quality, properly-fitting sandals can be ideal.

  • Leave What You Don’t Need Behind

You’re always in two minds whether to bring valuables with you to the beach or leave them behind in the hotel. On one hand, you don’t want to risk leaving them unguarded in the hotel room but on the other hand, you don’t have a safe place for them on the beach. The reality is that unless you need or use the valuables, it’s best to keep them locked in your hotel room.

For instance, you don’t need to take your entire vacation money with you. You can bring whatever you need for the day and put the rest in the hotel safe or lock it in your suitcase and keep the key with you. It’s the same with electronic devices; unless you’re going to use them on the beach, they don’t need to be with you. If you can, secure them in the hotel so that you reduce the risk of them being lost or stolen at the beach. If you have to bring along valuables, ensure you store them in a waterproof sealed bag.

4.      Always Prepare Yourself For An Emergency Or Accident

You’re prepared. You’ve got the sunscreen, bug repellent, and suitable clothing, but that doesn’t mean to say you’ll know what to do in an emergency. So, what do you need to know?

Stay protected, shelter in shadow and care from sunburn
Stay protected, shelter in shadow and care from sunburn
  • How To Deal With Sunburn

Sunburn is a nightmare. When you or someone in your group has painful sunburn, it can quickly ruin the vacation. In truth, you don’t want to go anywhere near the sun again, which is why you need to know how to treat sunburn and relieve the pain that comes with it. If you learn a few tips for relieving sunburn pain, you might just rescue your vacation.

  • Know How To Treat Bites From Bugs And Insects

It’s essential to be prepared for bug and insect bites. These are a lot easier to treat than you think with a little know-how:

  1. Always have insect or bug bite relief products.
  2. Have an antihistamine available to reduce itchiness or swelling.
  3. Don’t scratch the bites. It may result in opening the wound and causing an infection so it’s best to avoid touching the bite as much as you can.
  4. Learn to identify and deal with a severe reaction. While severe reactions don’t happen every day, you don’t know how you or someone you know will react. It’s essential to know what to do in these circumstances. You may need an Epi-Pen, depending on any allergies you have.
  • Anti-Inflammatory And OTC Pain Reliever

Ibuprofen and other over-the-counter relievers can be essential to deal with pain. What’s more, analgesics may help deal with some aches associated with bug bites.

  • Have An Emergency Kit With You

You can get pre-packed first-aid kits which should have a few ointments, bandages, alcohol wipes, and a few other extras. You can also put a first-aid kit together yourself and is easy enough to do.

  • Charge Your Mobile Phone And Keep It With You

You never know what’s going to happen. Having a mobile phone will ensure you can make an emergency call should you need to. However, you must ensure it’s fully charged before you leave the hotel each day and keep it stored in a sealed or waterproof bag when you’re at the beach.

  • Getting Away From A Strong Swell Or Rip Current

Whether you love to surf or otherwise, there are hazards in the water. Surfers are at risk from strong currents and riptides. These are fast and strong and a swell could reach over 8-feet. Even if you don’t surf, swimmers are at risk from swells and tides. You could be swimming along one minute and suddenly are carried out to sea the next.

If you don’t know how to get out of a riptide, you could face certain death – this is no exaggeration. You need to know the dangers of the beach and going into the water. You need to read tips and safety guidelines of swells and currents. You may want to read the United States Life Saving Association Rip Current Survival Guide.

5.      Always Bring A Trusty Beach Bag And Pick Up Your Trash

A beach bag can hold lots of items required for a fun day out at the beach. Here are a few additional items you’ll need.

  • Seal Or Zip Plastic Bags

To protect your items, use sealable or zip-close plastic bags. These are ideal to store your phone or book in while you transport them back and forth. If you have wet clothing in the beach bag, the sealed plastic bags will protect them. What’s more, it’ll help prevent cross-contamination with makeup and bug repellent.

  • Trash Bags For Your Litter

Have you ever seen a beach littered with trash? It’s shocking and something every visitor can rectify. Whenever you go to the beach, police your own trash. Pick up any trash you discard in bin bags. It’ll prevent a mess from being left behind because this trash will likely end up in the ocean. You don’t want this to happen as it harms marine life.

  • Ensure Your Beach Bag Is Waterproof

Ideally, you want to use a beach bag that’s sand and waterproof. When searching for a beach bag, you want them made out of plastic, nylon, Teflon, or even rubber. You could always look to a fabric tote, as long as it has a waterproof lining.

6.      Have A Plan For Good And Rainy Days

Unfortunately, the weather can let you down and if you aren’t prepared for those eventualities, you’ll find your vacation less than satisfactory. Fortunately, with careful planning, you can fill your days with fun – even when the weather lets you down.

  • Bring A Book or Magazine

While the weather is great, you may find sitting on the beach all day a bit tedious, so if you want to fill a few hours, enjoy a good book. You can bring a paperback version or an e-reader – just ensure you keep it away from water and sand. Or, you could listen to an audiobook while you snooze on a macrame swing chair. If you plan to use electronic devices, ensure they’re protected in a water or sand-proof case.

  • Toys and Sports For The Family

Beach toys are useful as they keep everyone entertained, children and adults alike. There are lots of simple beach toys you can bring to pass the time. Children love buckets and spades so they can build sandcastles and adults can use a volley ball to play a game or two. There are lots of sports equipment to you can safely use on the beach and you might make a few new friends too.

  • Travel Games

Portable travel games are ideal. You can have mini-versions of the family’s favorite games and it’ll help pass the time if the kids (or adults) get bored. What’s more, a pack of cards doesn’t go amiss! There are lots of simple card games to play.

Be positive
Be postive – Credit image: https://www.universalbeauty.net/

7.      Stay Hydrated And Cool

It’s easy to forget to drink water while you’re having fun on the beach but it is a necessity. You must drink plenty of water, especially on a hot sunny day, to prevent you from dehydrating.

  1. Prevent heatstroke and dehydration by drinking lots of water and staying in the shade. It’s essential to keep your body cool and hydrated; the best way to do that is to stick to the shade and drink water.
  2. Top up on water before, during, and after you exercise on hot days. There’s additional stress on your body during high heat waves as your body sweats fluids out. If you don’t replace what’s lost, you could get seriously ill and that puts your life at risk, so drink plenty of water.

8.       Prepare Your Own Snacks

Sometimes, you’re lucky to buy ice cream at the beach but unfortunately, there won’t always be a vendor available. While a hot dog or drink of cola can fill a gap until dinner time, you can soon get bored of these things. So, why not bring your own? You can prepare tasty snacks or meals and save a fortune in the process. You can bring a cooler with you to the beach and keep everything fresh throughout the day.

Even if you’re staying at a hotel, there are ways to prepare your own snacks. You can visit local shops and pick up a few snacks that may be healthier and cheaper than vendors at the beach. What’s more, everyone gets to choose something different for each day.

9.      Take Some Photos

Capturing precious memories is important and there are lots of ways to do so. You can pick up a cheap digital camera – or even a disposable one – for very little and snap all those fun times from your beach vacation. If you plan to do go scuba diving or snorkeling, you could opt for an underwater camera and take some amazing photos.

However, you’ll need to ensure there’s plenty of memory card space or rolls of film so that all memories can be remembered. And don’t forget batteries and waterproof case.

10. Be Positive

Sometimes, going away is stressful and if it gets off to a bad start, the negativity remains with you throughout the vacation. Instead, try to remain positive. Have a positive attitude so that your vacation is fun – no matter what happens. Enjoy sunbathing on a hammock or lounging on a beach towel as the stresses of life wash away. If you maintain a positive attitude, everyone can enjoy themselves a little more.

  • To Make Your Beach Vacation Safe, Ensure There Are Trained Lifeguards On The Beach

Strong swimmer or not, anyone can drown in an instant. While it’s not what you want to hear – and probably don’t think it’ll happen to you – it can easily occur. Its new territory and sea conditions change in the blink of an eye. Drowning fatalities are five times more likely to occur if there are no lifeguards on the beach, so be safe. It’s essential to research the beach and ensure lifeguards are on hand to help should something happen.

Enjoy Your Beach Vacation

Beach vacations are fun and incredibly safe but when you’re not prepared it can quickly turn into a nightmare. That’s why it’s essential to prepare for any eventuality and learn to stay safe while on the water or sunbathe on a macrame hammock. The above tips, hopefully, will make your beach vacation a perfect one.

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